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Plymouth Pier at Night, oil on canvas by Robert Borlase Smart (1881–1947) , photo credit: Plymouth City Council: Museum and Art Gallery


Winston Branch, © Kelly Udall

Winston Branch

Winston Branch: on Ju Ju birds and never staying still

Does the prolific and colourful artist still work every day? 'Of course!' he says. 'Is the Pope Catholic?' Read more on Art UK.

GMIII_MCAG_1956_45, © the estate of L. S. Lowry. All rights reserved, DACS 2017, Photo credit: Manchester Art Gallery


The art of Manchester: a journey in time and place

How did both L. S. Lowry and Morrissey turn gloominess into gold? Anita Sethi takes us on a tour of her hometown.

Street Gossip, oil on board by Malcolm Edward Hughes (1920–1997) , © the artist's estate, photo credit: Museums Sheffield

Street Gossip

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Egg Boats off Macao, (detail), oil on canvas, attributed to China William Daniell (1769–1837), photo credit: Leicester Arts and Museums Service

Egg Boats off Macao

Painting a picture of China and the 'West'

Rebecca Liu maps the start of the Anglo-Chinese story through art.

From Tarzan to Rambo: English Born ‘Native’ Considers her Relationship to the Constructed/Self Image, 1987 by Sonia Boyce (b.1962), © Sonia Boyce. All rights reserved, DACS 2017, photo credit: Tate

1987 by Sonia Boyce (b.1962)

A visual exploration of Voodoo

Bex Shorunke on the marginalised and misunderstood Haitian spiritual practice, and how artists have used Voodoo to dissect colonialist thought.


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Photo credit: Jerwood Collection


Head of a Girl

The Jerwood Collection added this red chalk drawing by Mark Gertler, born in London to Polish Jewish immigrants.

Charing Cross Bridge , 1902, oil on canvas by Claude Monet (1840–1926), photo credit: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

Charing Cross Bridge

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Why not celebrate the season and decorate your home with these carefully curated prints. Profits go to supporting Art UK collections.


Introducing... Write on Art

Open to 15–18 year olds studying in the UK, in partnership with the Paul Mellon Centre, we are looking for the best young art writers. Read more on our blog.

Photo credit: Queen's University, Belfast


Queen's University Belfast

The University's Naughton Gallery is an accredited museum, which runs diverse events alongside a contemporary exhibition programme.

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