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Rum from Eigg, Inner Hebrides, (detail), oil on canvas by Albert Julius Olsson (1864–1942), photo credit: Gallery Oldham


Art Speaks: the competition

We are on the hunt for the next young poet to create the fifth Art Speaks film. The competition is now open.

The Infant The Honourable Felton Hervey (3 July 1710–16 July 1710), Laid out in Death, Joseph Brook (d.1725) (possibly), oil on canvas, 1710, photo credit: National Trust Images

The Infant The Honourable Felton Hervey (3 July 1710–16 July 1710), Laid out in Death

'I paint dead people': posthumous portraits

Romantic and wistful, or gruesome and creepy? A fascinating tour through a ghoulish collection of paintings made after the subject's death.

Trompe l'oeil, Letter Rack, c.1700, oil on canvas by Edwaert Collier (c.1640–c.1707), photo credit: The Hunterian, University of Glasgow

Trompe l'oeil, Letter Rack

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© the artist. Photo credit: Atkinson Art Gallery Collection

Desmond Haughton
Artwork: New

Desmond Haughton

Nahem Shoa donated his portrait of a fellow artist to the Atkinson Art Gallery. The artist and subject were both born in London in 1968.



Ai Weiwei at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads (2010) is a dramatic group of 12 bronze animal heads that has been on a worldwide tour since May 2011.

Early Morning, Poole Harbour, 1937, oil on canvas on board by James Patchell Chettle (1871–1944), photo credit: Manchester Art Gallery

Early Morning, Poole Harbour

Buy art prints of seascapes

Relax and unwind with this collection of stunning seascapes carefully curated and available for you to purchase and enjoy in your home.

Ecclesiastical Ruins on Inniscaltra, or Holy Island, Lough Derg, Co. Galway, after Sunset: "This Isl, Bartholomew Colles Watkins (1833–1891), oil on canvas, photo credit: National Museums Northern Ireland

Bartholomew Colles Watkins (1833–1891), oil on canvas

Northern Irish art: paintings and politics

Cattle graze peacefully and the golden glow of the sun lights up the fields: but is there more to these landscapes than meets the eye?

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery

Bushey Museum and Art Gallery

This Hertfordshire gem features a large collection of art by Hubert von Herkomer, a German-born British painter, composer and film-director.

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