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Dartmoor, (detail), oil on canvas by James Dickson Innes (1887–1914), photo credit: Kirklees Museums and Galleries


Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses), about 1894-1905, Oil on canvas by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906), photo credit: The National Gallery, London

about 1894-1905, Oil on canvas by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906)

Was Cummings a Cubist? Uncovering the paintings that inspired great poetry

With National Poetry Day approaching we reveal the artworks that moved some of the greatest poets of all time to put pen to paper.

An Athlete Wrestling with a Python, 1877, bronze by Frederic Leighton (1830–1896), image released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported), photo credit: Tate

An Athlete Wrestling with a Python

What can art tell us about gender and the 2017 general election?

Can a Leighton sculpture at Tate created in 1877 help to explain the recent election rhetoric?

© DACS 2017. Photo credit: The Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Artwork: New

Chalk Cliffs in the Sun (Kreidefelsen in der Sonne)

Taken from the sketchbook of Otto Dix, this 1919 chalk drawing at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts evokes both destruction and new life.

Early Morning, Poole Harbour, 1937, oil on canvas on board by James Patchell Chettle (1871–1944), photo credit: Manchester Art Gallery

Early Morning, Poole Harbour

Buy art prints of seascapes

Relax and unwind with this collection of stunning seascapes carefully curated and available for you to purchase and enjoy in your home. Profits go to supporting the collections on Art UK.


Discover art

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Abbot Hall Art Gallery, photo credit: Lakeland Arts Trust

Abbot Hall Art Gallery

Abbot Hall Art Gallery

In Kendal (gateway to the Lake District) you can find an amazing art collection within a rescued Georgian villa.

Pink House on a Hill, 1947, oil on board by Felix Runcie Kelly (1914–1994), © the artist's estate, photo credit: Museums Sheffield

1947, oil on board by Felix Runcie Kelly (1914–1994)

Millennial pink: the artists who got there first

It's a favourite colour of Harry Styles and Michelle Obama – but many artists in the UK's public art collection used millennial pink before it was cool.

Grove Hall Park, Bow, 1933 by Harold Steggles (1911–1971), © A. R. & J. G. Waltham

Grove Hall Park, Bow

From Mile End to Mayfair: The East London Group and Their Contemporaries

This new exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery tells the story of a group who first started in classes at Bethnal Green Men's Institute, and went on to exhibit at galleries in the West End.

So Amazing, 2001–2002, acrylic on paper by Sonia Boyce (b.1962), © Sonia Boyce. All rights reserved, DACS 2017, photo credit: Arts Council Collection

So Amazing

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Photo credit: Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library

Artwork: New

The Frozen River

Harris Museum & Art Gallery is adding works on paper by Edwin Robert Beattie (1845–1917) to Art UK.

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