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Welcome to Tagger, where anyone can tag artworks with descriptive words to make it easier to find them. Tagging is easy, fun and safe – your tags will only go live once they are verified by other people. Have a go and contribute to making Art UK more searchable by tagging people, places and things – and discover new art and artists along the way.

Art UK is grateful to all of the funders who made Tagger possible.

Tags added over the past 12 months

Artworks tagged


Tags verified


Individual tags added


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Top taggers

Position Name Tags added Tags verified
1st Judy Adams 554 7739
2nd Anna Sugiura 404 1591
3rd Janet Burgess 209 16359
4th Olga Savchuk 95 49
5th Jacob Smith 57 31
6th Steve Bishop 32 3098
Position Name Tags added Tags verified
1st Philipp Krivonogov 1751 309
2nd Fergus Badenhorst 1265 851
3rd Anna Sugiura 951 1591
4th Janet Burgess 935 16359
5th Olga Savchuk 754 49
6th Ian Brennand 626 8631
7th Judy Adams 554 7739
8th Katey Goodwin 410 1202
9th Volodymyr Lukecha 229 108
10th Rebekka Kvalum 203 682
Position Name Tags added Tags verified
1st Janet Burgess 31977 16359
2nd Judy Adams 21696 7739
3rd Colin Graham 20136 12163
4th Ian Brennand 16836 8631
5th Steve Bishop 6248 3098
6th Oliver Adams 4819 3364
7th Anna Sugiura 3847 1591
8th Valerie Coffey 3523 1308
9th Katey Goodwin 2962 1202
10th Skylar Whittle 2542 791


Tagger is a crowdsourcing project inviting the public to tag artworks. The resulting tags help visitors to use Art UK.


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