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Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

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Selwyn College was founded in 1882 and named in memory of George Augustus Selwyn (1809–1878). Appointed as the first Bishop of New Zealand at the age of 32, Selwyn returned to the UK, somewhat reluctantly, after 26 years, having been appointed as Bishop of Lichfield. A comparatively recent foundation among Cambridge Colleges, Selwyn has a small collection of paintings (35), predominantly portraits. Gathered since the late nineteenth century, the portraits are suggestive of the history of the College. Notable among them is the 1855 portrait of George Augustus Selwyn by George Richmond. Portraits of successive Masters, including many distinguished clerics, hang in the Hall. More recent works include portraits of later twentieth-century Heads of House: Owen Chadwick, Alan Cook and David Harrison, as well as the recent portrait of Professor Richard Bowring, by the Norwegian artist Tore Juell. Among our other paintings are the seventeenth-century 'Nativity', which hangs in the Chapel, and works by Fellows and Members of Staff. These include the atmospheric studies of fog on the fen by Paul Cash. Selwyn's paintings are not in public ownership but are included on this website in accordance with the charitable aims of the College and for the benefit of scholarship. Requests to view should be made to the College archivist.

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