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Sir Thomas Aston at the Deathbed of His Wife

Photo credit: Manchester Art Gallery

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A portrait of Sir Thomas Aston standing at the deathbed of his wife: a large seventeenth-century mourning painting, predominantly in black and white. The dead woman, dressed in white lace bedclothes, lies in a grand bed to the right, which is draped in black velvet. A second woman, dressed in black, is kneeling at the foot of the bed in the bottom right corner, facing the viewer. She wears earrings of two black teardrop-shaped pearls at each ear. Her neck and breast are adorned with black ribbon bows. One of her arms has a black ribbon tied around it, and the other a black string. Sir Thomas Aston stands to the left of the bed, one hand resting on a skull placed on a wicker cradle draped in black velvet, which stands on the floor beside the deathbed.

Manchester Art Gallery



Sir Thomas Aston at the Deathbed of His Wife




oil on canvas


H 203.2 x W 215.1 cm

Accession number


Acquisition method

gift from the National Art Collections Fund, 1927

Work type


Inscription description

Signed (b centre) : Jo:Souch / Cestren(s) / Fecit artist's inscription, painted around the picture, commemorative inscriptions : (upper edge, left) The griefs of death surround me / in the year of grief September 30, 1635 aged 35 / Though I walk throug⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ˀŀŀ⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⃀ˀŀŀ⃀ǀŀ฀⃀ʀŀŀ⃀ʀŀŀ⃀ʀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⁀ ฀฀⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀ฀ŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀ년ވ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀŀ⃀ǀŀ


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Normally on display at

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M2 3JL England

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