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Each painting at Mythstories vividly illustrates a scene from a traditional tale. The paintings are in bright, bold colours. What is happening on each canvas is immediately understandable by visitors of all ages. The acrylic medium makes the paintings durable; they can be handled by even the youngest visitor. This mix of ease of access and instant visual recognition helps Mythstories inspire everyone to explore the stories, to think further about them and the ideas behind them. The artist, Dez Quarréll, has chosen to adapt some of the classic artistic practices from India in preference to using European traditions of perspective and composition. There are four main groups of paintings held by the museum: those based on Indian epics, those inspired by Native American creation myths, those portraying Canadian settler tales and a group of nine paintings relating to nine very different traditional Shropshire legends. Mythstories is a storytelling museum so do not be surprised if, when looking at a painting, museum staff tell you its story too.


The Morgan Library, Aston Street, Wem, Shropshire SY4 5AU England

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01939 235500

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