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It is stressed that the paintings at Homerton College are not in public ownership. In accordance with the charitable aims of the College, which is a private institution, we are including our paintings on this website to widen public awareness and for the benefit of scholarship. Homerton’s small but interesting collection of oil paintings has been gathered since the late nineteenth century. The College continues to acquire works of art, using money bequeathed for that specific purpose, and recently it has decided to focus on acquiring work by artists working in East Anglia. Some of Homerton’s earliest oil paintings are portraits of former principals, including ones by Hugh Riviere, Henry Lamb, and two by Francis Topham. There are portraits by living artists including Richard Cook, Jane Cursham, Philip Rundall and Anatasia Sotiropoulos. There is also a small collection of English Post-Impressionist artists, including Ronald Ossory Dunlop's ‘The Thames at Westminster’, Ivon Hitchens's ‘Damp Forest Walk’, and works by Sine MacKinnon and Nan Youngman. Like most of the portraits, they were purchased by Trustees of the College or former principals. Unmissable is a gigantic Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece by Jane Benham Hay featuring a Florentine procession. It was first exhibited in Florence in 1867, and in London later that year when it was regarded as 'one of the foremost pictures of its day.' The paintings are hung throughout the College, mainly in private areas, with only those in the Hall being on public view. Access to paintings other than those in the Hall is normally reserved to those involved in academic research, who should apply to: The Conference Office, Homerton College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PH.

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