Gladstone's Library

Gladstone's Library

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Gladstone’s Library is Britain’s finest residential library and its only Prime Ministerial library. Built in 1902 as the national memorial to William Gladstone, the Library has acquired a small number of works of art over the last one hundred years, mainly as donations. Most are of Gladstone himself or of people/places associated with him. The paintings are displayed in various parts of the building. The most notable work in the collection is Frank Moss Bennett’s copy of John Millais’ portrait of Gladstone at Christ Church, Oxford.

Church Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire (Sir y Fflint) CH5 3DF Wales

01244 532350

Some paintings are in residential areas so please contact the Library in advance if there is a particular painting you wish to see. Please note that refurbishment work may from time to time necessitate the re-location of some paintings. Gladstone’s Library is open to the public 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am–2pm, Saturday and Sunday.