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The Fine Art Collection of Bromley Historic Collections contains over 1,600 paintings, prints and drawings in its collection. These were inherited by the museum from the London Borough of Bromley – and are in effect the council’s art collection. The majority of the material is stored in a purpose built facility in the Priory Gardens. The collection falls into four broad categories: 1. Topographical material, which are the main part of the collection. These cover the entire borough of Bromley and are mainly topographical views which give an amazing insight into what the borough used to look like in the past; 2. Bromley Visual Resource. These are modern prints collected as an educational resource; 3. Bromley People. These are works of local people and by local people!; 4. The Ernest Griset pictures – 19 pictures commissioned by Sir John Lubbock, 1st Lord Avebury to show his support of Charles Darwin’s theories.