Tristan and Isolde
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Tristan and Isolde

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This piece is from the City of Edinburgh Council art collection and is our featured Curator’s Choice for the collection. 

‘This beautiful oil painting by John Duncan has long been a favourite among visitors to the City Art Centre. Duncan was a key figure associated with the Celtic Revival movement at the turn of the twentieth century. Amid the surge of interest in Celtic folklore, history and song, he explored the mythology and mysticism of Scotland’s ancient past through richly decorative paintings, illustrations and murals. This painting portrays an episode from the legend of Tristan and Isolde. Although variations of this tale appear in several cultures, Duncan emphasises its Celtic associations by including intricate knot patterns on Tristan’s robes and the prow of the boat.’

Helen Scott, Curator of Fine Art, City Art Centre, City of Edinburgh Council

You can enjoy this art in your home with this special edition framed print.

Framed print details

  • Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm
  • Materials: wood and acrylic

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