The Priseman Seabrook Collections

The Priseman Seabrook Collections were established in 2014 by British artist Robert Priseman and his wife Ally Seabrook. Housed in northeast Essex, the collections comprise three distinct groups – 21st Century British Painting, 20th and 21st Century British Works on Paper and Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper. The collection of 21st Century British Painting is the only art collection in the United Kingdom dedicated to paintings produced in Britain after the year 2000, and all three groups contain works of international significance by leading artists.

Art prints and custom framed prints

Each of the following artworks can be purchased as unframed prints in a variety of sizes. We also have an array of high quality frames that are custom built for each print.

  • A Memory of Presence
    A Memory of Presence
  • Eclipse
  • English Rider
    English Rider
  • Jinn
  • Saint Peter’s Gate
    Saint Peter’s Gate
  • Soft Eyes
    Soft Eyes
  • The Robin
    The Robin
  • Wivenhoe Park
    Wivenhoe Park

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