The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery

The Potteries Museum’s fine art collection was established in 1926 when Dr John Russell gave his collection of French Impressionist paintings to the City of Stoke-on-Trent on the condition that it built an art gallery. The art gallery is now home to an outstanding art collection that includes early twentieth-century British art, featuring works by F. C. B. Cadell, Samuel John Peploe, and Staffordshire-born artists, such as John Currie. Explore a range of prints from their impressive art collection.


Art prints and custom framed prints

Each of the following artworks can be purchased as unframed prints in a variety of sizes. We also have an array of high quality frames that are custom built for each print.

  • A Girl from Afar
    A Girl from Afar Currie, John, 1883–1914
  • A Piper
    A Piper Munnings, Alfred James, 1878–1959
  • Blue and Orange
    Blue and Orange Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau, 1883–1937
  • Brotherhood of Man
    Brotherhood of Man Collier, John, 1850–1934
  • Caudebec
    Caudebec Cameron, David Young, 1865–1945
  • Female Portrait
    Female Portrait Currie, John, 1883–1914
  • Five Women Working by a Table
    Five Women Working by a Table Pickering, W. E.
  • Flower Piece with Books
    Flower Piece with Books Nicholson, William, 1872–1949
  • Harrington Square from No. 2 Houghton Place
    Harrington Square from No. 2 Houghton Place Gore, Spencer, 1878–1914
  • Her First Lesson
    Her First Lesson Zampighi, Eugenio, 1859–1944
  • Man on a Horse
    Man on a Horse Tittensor, Harry, 1887–1942
  • Mark Gertler (1891–1939)
    Mark Gertler (1891–1939) Currie, John, 1883–1914
  • Newlyn, Looking towards Mousehole
    Newlyn, Looking towards Mousehole Currie, John, 1883–1914
  • Normandy Landscape
    Normandy Landscape Currie, John, 1883–1914
  • Normandy Peasant
    Normandy Peasant Clausen, George, 1852–1944
  • Nude Old Man
    Nude Old Man Cope, Norman, d.1943
  • Onecote
    Onecote Donne, Walter J., 1867–1930
  • Othello Relating His Adventures
    Othello Relating His Adventures Emery, John, 1802–1893
  • Polperro
    Polperro Tittensor, Harry, 1887–1942
  • Self Portrait
    Self Portrait Emery, John, 1802–1893
  • Smoke and Snow
    Smoke and Snow Bajo, D. Y.
  • Spanish Scene
    Spanish Scene Pickering, W. E.
  • Still Life of Flowers and Bird's Nest
    Still Life of Flowers and Bird's Nest Steele, Edwin, 1837–1898
  • Still Life of Flowers and Fruit
    Still Life of Flowers and Fruit Steele, Edwin, 1837–1898