The Pier Arts Centre

The Pier Arts Centre is a Scottish art gallery and museum in Stromness, Orkney. Established in 1979, the centre cares for an extraordinary collection of British art which was donated by the author, peace activist and philanthropist Margaret Gardiner (1904–2005). The collection includes works by the Cornish fisherman and artist Alfred Wallis (1855–1942).

The three artworks below are available to buy as framed prints for the special price of just £40 each.

Three ships and lighthouse

Alfred Wallis (1855–1942)

Yacht, pink and green

Alfred Wallis (1855–1942)

St Ives harbour: White sailing ship

Alfred Wallis (1855–1942)

Art prints and custom framed prints

Each of the following artworks can be purchased as unframed prints in a variety of sizes. We also have an array of high quality frames that are custom built for each print.

  • Against Longships fog
    Against Longships fog Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • Black Steamship
    Black Steamship Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • Headland with two three-masters
    Headland with two three-masters Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • Seascape
    Seascape Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • St Ives harbour: White sailing ship
    St Ives harbour: White sailing ship Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • Three ships and lighthouse
    Three ships and lighthouse Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • White sailing ship – three masts
    White sailing ship – three masts Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942
  • Yacht, pink and green
    Yacht, pink and green Wallis, Alfred, 1855–1942