American Museum & Gardens

The American Museum and Gardens in Bath opened to the public in 1961. It remains the only museum outside the United States to showcase the decorative arts of America. With its remarkable and extensive collection of folk and decorative arts, which is brought to life in a series of period rooms in the historic Claverton Manor, the Museum presents the diverse and complex nature of American traditions.

Art prints and custom framed prints

Each of the following artworks can be purchased as unframed prints in a variety of sizes. We also have an array of high quality frames that are custom built for each print.

  • A Child with a Red Shoe
    A Child with a Red Shoe unknown artist
  • A Snow Scene
    A Snow Scene Gregg, Paul, 1876–1949
  • A Winter Scene with Deer
    A Winter Scene with Deer unknown artist
  • America sive Novus Orbis (America or the New World)
    America sive Novus Orbis (America or the New World) de Bry, Theodor, 1528–1598
  • American Skunk
    American Skunk Audubon, John James, 1785–1851
  • An Indian Mourning Washington
    An Indian Mourning Washington Chinese School
  • Ashoken Junction, New York
    Ashoken Junction, New York unknown artist
  • Boy in Blue
    Boy in Blue Prior, William Matthew, 1806–1873
  • Carved Male Head
    Carved Male Head unknown artist
  • Child in a Pink Dress
    Child in a Pink Dress unknown artist
  • Chinese Sanpan
    Chinese Sanpan Chinese School
  • Cigar Store Indian
    Cigar Store Indian unknown artist
  • 'Conkeys' Tavern Sign
    'Conkeys' Tavern Sign unknown artist
  • Dummy Board
    Dummy Board unknown artist
  • Eagle
    Eagle Bellamy, John Haley, 1836–1914
  • Eagle
    Eagle Schimmel, Wilhelm, 1817–1890
  • Fire Steamer Engine 'Fairmount'
    Fire Steamer Engine 'Fairmount' Sully, Thomas, 1783–1872
  • Fool's Head World Map
    Fool's Head World Map unknown artist
  • General Sir Henry Clinton (1738–1795)
    General Sir Henry Clinton (1738–1795) Soldi, Andrea, c.1703–1771
  • George Washington (1732–1799)
    George Washington (1732–1799) Stuart, Gilbert, 1755–1828
  • Girl in Blue
    Girl in Blue Prior, William Matthew, 1806–1873
  • Girl in Pink
    Girl in Pink Prior, William Matthew, 1806–1873
  • Horse and Groom
    Horse and Groom van Zandt, Thomas Kirby, 1814–1886
  • Maria Tallmadge Cushman (1790–1878)
    Maria Tallmadge Cushman (1790–1878) Ames, Ezra, 1768–1836