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  • A Street in Spring
    A Street in Spring Lewis, Edward Morland, 1903–1943
  • Apple Blossom
    Apple Blossom Clausen, George, 1852–1944
  • Apple Blossom
    Apple Blossom Tomson, Arthur, 1858–1905
  • Apple Blossom
    Apple Blossom Muckley, William Jabez, 1829–1905
  • Blossoms of Spring
    Blossoms of Spring Shackleton, William, 1872–1933
  • Buttercup Meadow
    Buttercup Meadow Hacker, Arthur, 1858–1919
  • Calves in a Meadow
    Calves in a Meadow Riviere, Briton, 1840–1920
  • Field Flowers
    Field Flowers Henriques, Ethel Quixano, 1868–1936
  • Flowers
    Flowers John, Gwen, 1876–1939
  • Gentle Spring Brings Her Garden Stuff to Market
    Gentle Spring Brings Her Garden Stuff to Market Sawyer, Amy, 1863–1945
  • In the Orchard
    In the Orchard Fisher, Janet C., 1867–1926
  • May Day
    May Day Caldecott, Randolph, 1846–1886
  • Peonies
    Peonies Hacker, Arthur, 1858–1919
  • Reflections at the Spring
    Reflections at the Spring Smythe, Lionel Percy, 1839–1918
  • Sarson Farm, Early Spring
    Sarson Farm, Early Spring Harmar, Fairlie, 1876–1945
  • Seed Time
    Seed Time Herring I, John Frederick, 1795–1865
  • Sheep and Dogs
    Sheep and Dogs Verboeckhoven, Eugène Joseph, 1798–1881
  • Smoke and Chrysanthemum Flowers
    Smoke and Chrysanthemum Flowers Conder, Charles, 1868–1909
  • Spring
    Spring Hornel, Edward Atkinson, 1864–1933
  • Spring Flowers: Landscape
    Spring Flowers: Landscape Smith, A., active late 19th C
  • Spring Morning
    Spring Morning Gauld, David, 1867–1936
  • Spring on the Wye
    Spring on the Wye Broad, Sidney Moseley, 1852–1942
  • Springtime
    Springtime Cole, George Vicat, 1833–1893
  • Springtime at Lavardin (Touraine)
    Springtime at Lavardin (Touraine) Maufra, Maxime, 1861–1918