The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands

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August 2012

This catalogue contains 1,800 full colour images within 288 pages. The dimensions are 29.5 x 23.5 cm and the catalogues typically weigh between 1.8 - 2.8 kg.

This Channel Islands volume brings together more than 1,800 paintings from publicly-owned collections across the Islands. Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery and Jersey Heritage have large collections of paintings, many on display, but most in store, which show the remarkable artistic heritage of the Islands and the attraction they have held for artists over the years. Smaller collections reveal more treasures including those in St Helier Town Hall, Victoria College and the National Trust in Jersey, and the Royal Court and Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey. A good range of Channel Island artists are represented including Ouless, Blampied, Kilpack, Le Capelain, Saint-Hélier Lander, Le Maistre, Arbuthnot, Sands, Cook and Adams. From parish halls to fire stations, the Channel Islands reveals a wealth of paintings that reflect the history of the Islands.

Collections included

Alderney Court House; Alderney Island Hall; Alderney Library; Alderney Society Museum; Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey; Elizabeth College, Guernsey; General Hospital, Jersey; Government House, Guernsey; Guernsey Fire Station; Guernsey Museums and Galleries; Guernsey Police Headquarters; Guernsey Policy Council, Frossard House; Hautlieu School, Jersey; Health and Social Services, Guernsey; Health and Social Services, Guernsey at King Edward VII Hospital; Health and Social Services, Mignot Memorial Hospital, Alderney; Highlands College, Jersey; Jersey Airport; Jersey Arts Centre; Jersey College for Girls; Jersey Fire Station; Jersey Heritage; Priaulx Library, Guernsey; Royal Court, Guernsey; Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society; Sir Francis Cook Collection; St Brelade Parish Hall, Jersey; St Helier Lifeboat Station; St Helier Town Hall, Jersey; St James Concert & Assembly Hall, Guernsey; St John Parish Hall, Jersey; St John's Residential Home, Guernsey; St Lawrence Parish Hall, Jersey; St Martin's Public Hall, Jersey; St Ouen Parish Hall, Jersey; St Peter Parish Hall, Jersey; St Saviour Parish Hall, Jersey; The National Trust for Jersey; Victoria College, Jersey


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