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If you are short on time and want to jump straight into using lessons from The Superpower of Looking in class, here are our top tips to get started:

  1. Look through the available lessons and choose an artwork that connects with current topics or themes being explored in your class and/or cross-curricular links with a subject you plan to teach.
  2. On each lesson page, you can download and print the lesson text using the Download icon at the top of the page (or via the Download section near the bottom). This can make it easier to facilitate discussion in class alongside looking at the artwork on screen. You may also wish to download and print The Superpower of Looking Kit, which is used in all lessons.
  3. Before starting the lesson, read the short background information on the artwork provided in the first section of the lesson page. You don't need to share this with your students – the main focus of each lesson is on their own impressions of what they see.
  4. Put up the artwork image on a screen in class. For most artworks, there is the option in Stage 1 to display a zoomable, high-resolution image, at full screen. You may want to ask your students to sit nearer the screen and dim the lights to help them get the best view possible.
  5. Follow the main lesson Stages with your class. These provide a series of questions to ask your students which help them to 'read' the image and unlock its meaning through in-class discussion and debate. This is the core focus of each Superpower lesson.

If you have more time, you could deliver one or more of the suggested activity ideas. A quick activity is provided after Stage 2 to help students look at the artwork in a new way. There are also Comparison and Cross-curricular activities after the main Stages.

To get a clearer sense of what The Superpower of Looking is all about, watch our introductory film and/or artwork films where a fascinating person demonstrates The Superpower of Looking in action.

If you feel you need more support and preparation for delivering The Superpower of Looking then you can view our teacher guidance films and curriculum links, read through our ASN / SEND advice, and see how you can combine Superpower lessons with an Arts Award.

You can also get in touch with Art UK via if you have any further questions.