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About this resource

This resource allows you to explore Minesweeper, a sculpture by artist William Lamb using 3D (three-dimensional) technology to view it from all angles, focus on details, and see the surface marks made by the artist's tools (and fingers!). You can also see aspects of the sculpture that you may not see if you visited it in a gallery – such as the top of its head.

About the sculpture

Located in Montrose, this life-size bronze figure by Scottish artist William Lamb (1893–1951) commemorates the minesweepers who patrolled the sand dunes during the Second World War, looking out for mines which may have been swept into the harbour. The sculpture is set at ground level with a square cobbled surround. This cast was made in 2000 from the original of 1944.

William Lamb was a sculptor, printmaker and watercolourist who was born in Montrose. While working as an apprentice stone mason he studied art at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. Despite being injured as a soldier in the First World War and losing the use of his hand, he went on to study at Edinburgh School of Art and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He returned to Montrose in 1924 and established his studio. He is best known for his expressionistic sculptures of fishermen and other local people who he saw around the town.

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