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In the National Army Museum in London is Statuette of a Guardsman by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm who was a very famous and successful artist in Victorian times. His public sculptures are familiar landmarks in London and beyond, but why did he make this small statuette and who is the soldier? A group from a London school visited to find out.

This is one of a series of four-minute films produced by schools and young people's groups from across the UK about sculpture local to them.​

A Guardsman, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, 1815

A Guardsman, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, 1815 1888

Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834–1890) and Elkington & Co.

National Army Museum

Duke of Wellington (1769–1852)

Duke of Wellington (1769–1852)

Joseph Edgar Boehm (1834–1890) and Howard Ince and Moore & Co. and Alexander Macdonald & Co. (active c.1820–1941)

Aspley Way, Westminster

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