About this video

This film focuses on a self-portrait by Peter Palmer which was made from casts of his own body. It is now in the collection of Portsmouth Museum. This stoneware clay sculpture was made by Peter when he was a student in Portsmouth in the 1970s.

This is one of a series of four-minute films produced by schools and young people's groups from across the UK about sculptures local to them.

Portrait of Peter

Portrait of Peter 1970–1972

Peter Palmer (active 1970–1972)

Portsmouth Museums and Visitor Services


Discussion suggestions

  • What do you think of the sculpture? What do you think and feel when you look at it?
  • The sculpture is a self-portrait – does it tell us anything about the artist?
  • Do you think he is resting? Is he waiting for someone? Is he just sitting and thinking…?
  • Is it usual to see sculptures this size made from clay?
  • How do you think the sculpture was made? Why do you think it appears to have seams or joins across its body?

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