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LGBTQ+ History Month (and beyond)

February is LGBTQ+ History Month, celebrating the achievements of LGBTQ+ people and raising awareness of their histories and experiences.


Symbols 2019–2021

Guillaume Vandame (b.1991)

City of London Corporation

We've gathered a selection of great learning resources from museums, galleries and art collections around the UK to support teachers in planning lessons for History Month  and throughout the year.

From teaching resources to trails through UK collections that highlight LGBTQ+ artists, objects and themes, these resources can be used both in the classroom and in home learning settings.


Teaching resources 

Museum of London: LGBTQ+ and history 

Explore LGBTQ+ history with these object-rich resources for secondary schools from the Museum of London 

The resources include a timeline of key moments in LGBTQ+ history, an exploration of how fashion was used in the past to indicate hidden LGBTQ+ identities and a resource exploring the life and writing of composer and Suffragette Ethel Smyth. 

Explore Museum of London LGBTQ+ resources


Tate teaching resource: Thinking about gender and bodies 

This downloadable resource from Tate provides suggestions for structuring discussions and activities to explore identity and gender. It includes advice for teachers on how to support open and inclusive conversations about gender with young people and also offers accessible art-making activities for the gallery and classroom.

Find out more and download the resource

Nue couchée

Nue couchée 1969–1970

Dorothea Tanning (1910–2012)



Tate Kids: 5 LGBTQ+ Art Stories 

YouTuber Olly Pike explores LGBTQ+ artists and their artworks in this Tate Kids animation.

Watch the Tate Kids animation: 5 LGBTQ+ art stories


National Museums Liverpool: LGBTQ+ timeline, terminology and history hub 

National Museums Liverpool has gathered a range of articles, videos and audio from across their collections for their LGBTQ+ history hub. Although the hub has not been created specifically for schools, many of the hidden histories, oral histories and interviews with LGBTQ+ activists and icons would be useful to lesson planning and teaching secondary students.

There is also a handy timeline of the key moments in LGBTQ+ history and a useful LGBTQ+ terminology resource. 

See the LGBTQ+ Timeline on the NML website 

Explore NML’s LGBTQ+ terminology resource 

Explore the NML's LGBTQ+ history hub


Collection trails: learning through artworks and objects

Discover artworks and objects in UK collections that have a story to tell about LGBTQ+ lives, histories and communities and explore artworks made by LGTBQ+ artists and artworks that feature LGBTQ+ people or themes. 

The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian*

The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian* c.1480–1490

unknown artist

National Museums Scotland

National Museums Scotland: LGBTQIA+ Hidden Histories Trail 

Listen to an audio trail highlighting unexplored LGBTQIA+ stories from across the National Museums Scotland collections. Although designed as a museum walkthrough, the objects and their accompanying audio recordings can also be explored online.

Find out more about the Hidden Histories trail on the NMS website 


National Portrait Gallery: I am me image gallery 

See portraits of some of the LGBTQI figures and allies, in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

Visit the NPG and explore the image gallery

David Hockney

David Hockney 1969

Godfrey Argent (1937–2006)

National Portrait Gallery, London

National Museums Liverpool: LGBTQ+ collections 

From gender identity to activism and rights, National Museums Liverpool has grouped collection artworks and objects into themes relating to historic and contemporary LGBTQ+ life, experiences and culture.

They have also pulled together a 'Top 10' of LGBTQ+ objects from their collection.

Explore LGBTQ+ themes and objects with National Museums Liverpool 

Visit the NML website to see their Top 10 LGBTQ+ objects 

The Little Foot Page

The Little Foot Page 1905

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale (1872–1945)

Walker Art Gallery


The British Museum: Desire, love, identity LGBTQ histories trail 

From Classical sculptures to African masks, The British Museum’s collection trail explores objects through the themes of LGBTQ+ desire, love and identities.

The trail and objects can be explored on their website as well as in the galleries and a downloadable PDF version of the resource and audio commentaries can be downloaded from their website 

Visit Desire, love and identity: LGBTQ histories trail 


Museum of London: London’s Queer Objects 

Museum of London has a whole section on their website dedicated to LGBTQ+ history month where you can explore fascinating features and histories including this trail through selected objects from their collection. 

Discover London’s Queer Objects 


Acrobats Waiting to Rehearse

Acrobats Waiting to Rehearse 1935

Glyn Warren Philpot (1884–1937)

Brighton & Hove Museums

Brighton Museum LGBTQ+ trail 

Ten objects from Brighton Museum form a trail through their collection. The objects and their stories can also be explored on the Museum’s website.  

Explore Brighton Museum’s LGBTQ+ trail 


LGBTQ+ artists and artworks on Art UK

Explore more LGBTQ+ artists and artworks on Art UK's website.

Art UK Topic: LGBTQ+ subjects


LGBTQ+ perspectives 

Read about and watch LGBTQ+ activists and advocates talk about art, folklore, fashion and life; delve into one of the most significant LGBTQ+ archives in the UK; and discover eight iconic LGBTQ+ activists you should know.

These resources may be useful for lesson planning for KS 4, senior phase and post-16 students as well as for students in higher education and lifelong learners.


LGBTQ+ advocates explore Tate’s Collection

Tate invited Sasha Velour, Munroe Bergdorf and Leo Kalyan to visit Tate Britain and interpret and make sense of collection artworks from the perspective of their own identities and experiences.  

Watch LGBTQ icons at Tate Britain



Glasgow Women's Library: LGBTQ+ collections and the Glasgow LGBTQ+ Heritage Trail

Glasgow Women’s Library is home to one of the most significant LGBTQ+ historical collections in the UK with material spanning from the 1920s to the present day. One of their largest collections is the Lesbian Archive and Information Centre.

Discover Collection highlights and explore some of the people, places and spaces that have been a part of Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ heritage and history with the LGBTQ+ Heritage Trail.

GWL LGBTQ Collections Online Resource

Stride With Pride: LGBTQ Heritage Trail

Explore Glasgow Women's Library artworks on Art UK


Painted Vessel with Figures*

Painted Vessel with Figures* 1980s

Julie Henderson (attributed to)

Glasgow Women's Library


LGBTQ+ activists you should know 

Find out about eight inspiring people who changed the world (and are still changing it!) on the National Museums Liverpool website. 

Read the article 


Queer as Folklore 

Join historian Sacha Coward as he explores mythical creatures and the queer community through objects in the Museum of London. 

From faeries to vampires: watch and be inspired! 


Meet Charlie Craggs 

Meet amazing transgender activist Charlie Craggs, who through her Nail Transphobia project aims to change attitudes towards transgender people. Watch a video about the activist on the V&A’s website and find out about her journey using social media for activism with a story from Liverpool Museums.

Charlie Craggs – trans activist 

The ups and downs of social media activism


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