We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with HENI Talks, a free online library of short films about great works of art, featuring world-leading experts.
These accessible and engaging bitesize documentaries give you a rich insight into art and art history; from medieval art and architecture to contemporary artists working around the world today. Speakers include well-known academics, artists and curators, and the films are beautifully shot in a variety of museums, galleries, heritage sites and artists’ studios. There are currently over 30 films on the website, averaging around ten minutes each. New films are added every fortnight.
Art UK is hosting a selection of films on individual artwork, artist and venue pages to give our viewers even more insight into the UK’s art collections. Look out for them as you browse the site, and check out the debut examples on these artwork's own pages.
Olive Trees

Olive Trees 1889

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)

National Galleries of Scotland
Captain Thomas Coram (1668–1751)

Captain Thomas Coram (1668–1751) 1740

William Hogarth (1697–1764)

Foundling Museum
Diana and Callisto

Diana and Callisto 1556–1559

Titian (c.1488–1576)

National Galleries of Scotland
Art UK