Art UK has been recording public sculptures across the UK since 2017, making the artworks available for people across the world to search, browse and enjoy online for free.

Portrait Bench – Lenny Henry, Ellie Simmons and Jane Sixsmith

Portrait Bench – Lenny Henry, Ellie Simmons and Jane Sixsmith 2023

Katy Hallett and Nick Hallett

Osler Street Play Area, Osler Street, Birmingham, West Midlands

We recorded 94 new installations in 2023 – from sculptures of Agatha Christie and Lenny Henry to works commemorating Windrush and victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Windrush Sculpture

Windrush Sculpture 2023

Jade Pearl (b.1994) and Liam Hopkins (b.1985)

Ferry Road, Tilbury Terminal, Tilbury, Essex

Our latest public sculpture annual report uncovers some of the patterns and themes in public sculpture, as well as highlighting lesser-known sculptures which people walk past each day. We have put the artworks we have recorded in 2023 into a Curation on the Art UK website.

Five broad categories have been observed in the types of public sculpture unveiled during 2023:

  • Environment and nature-themed artworks (29 artworks, 31% of the total)
  • Artworks installed in public art trails and collections (24 artworks, 26% of the total)
  • Statues dedicated to named women and men (17 artworks, 18% of the total)
  • History- and heritage-themed artworks (14 artworks, 15% of the total)
  • Symbolic and abstract artworks (10 artworks, 11% of the total)

Agatha Christie (1890–1976)

Agatha Christie (1890–1976) 2023

Ben Twiston-Davies (b.1971)

High Street, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

The majority of the sculptures we have recorded have been installed in England (91%), with a smaller number in Scotland (4%), Wales (3%) and Northern Ireland (1%). A third of the new sculptures have been unveiled in London (33% overall), although over half of the artworks in London have been installed as part of public art trails, such as Sculpture in the City, which are not permanent installations.

Sheffield COVID Memorial

Sheffield COVID Memorial 2023

George King Architects (founded 2015)

Balm Green Gardens, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

As of early March 2024, there are over 14,800 public artworks on Art UK. We recorded 94 new installations in 2023, but as we now record public artworks as they are unveiled (which is not part of a funded programme), it is possible that some public sculptures installed in 2023 have not been recorded. We will endeavour to fill in any gaps as soon as we can, with the help of our volunteer network.

Download the Art UK Public Sculpture Annual Report 2023

Katey Goodwin, Deputy Chief Executive, and Tracy Jenkins, Public Art Manager, Art UK

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