Karen Taylor is the Collections and Exhibitions Curator at Towner Eastbourne, where she is responsible for managing the Towner Collection and curating exhibitions with a focus on the artists in the collection. She has curated many exhibitions including 'A Life in Art: Lucy Wertheim, Patron, Collector, Gallerist' and 'Reuniting the Twenties Group: from Barbara Hepworth to Victor Pasmore' (2022), 'Margaret Mellis: Modernist Constructs' (2021), 'Inhabit' (2018) and 'The Museum of Art' (2017). She also enables Towner’s guest curators to curate from the collection, examples of which are 'BRINK: Caroline Lucas' (2019), 'Art, Life and Us: Christine Binnie and Jennifer Binnie' (2020), 'Towards Night: Tom Hammick' (2016).

Karen has also worked as a freelance artist and art facilitator, specialising in performance and costume. Before joining Towner, she curated the exhibition 'Stitch for Victory' (2011) and co-ordinated the 'Stitch for Victory Community Project' funded by HLF (2013).

Karen Taylor