Dr Humphrey Wine was the curator of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French paintings at The National Gallery, London, until his retirement in 2016, and is an internationally recognised authority in the field. He is now an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia.

He has published numerous articles in The Art Newspaper, and in scholarly journals including The Burlington Magazine, Gazette des Beaux-Arts and Dix-Huitième Siècle. He has delivered papers in Chicago, Grenoble, Jerusalem, Lille, Munich, New York, Oxford, Paris and Reims, as well as in London.

He is the author of the catalogue of The National Gallery's 17th-century French paintings (London, 2001), and that of the 18th-century French paintings (London, 2018).

He led the team which researched the 1933–1945 provenance of all the paintings in The National Gallery, the first public gallery in the world to publish a list of its paintings whose whereabouts in those years are not fully known.

Before becoming an art historian Dr Wine was a commercial lawyer, writer on business law and the CEO of a company which promoted and organised conferences for lawyers and accountants.