The theme of Kids in Museums Takeover Day in 2023 is Let’s Play!
Play helps children to learn, engage, get creative, support their own wellbeing, and have fun. We asked children to select a work in Jerwood Collection and explain why they feel it links to the theme of play.
Supported by Arts Council England, Kids in Museums has held an annual digital takeover since 2014 to help empower young people.

6 artworks


Fluid Cascade
© the artist's estate. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

William Gear (1915-1997), Fluid Cascade, 1959

"I like Fluid Cascade because it makes me feel like I am playing with paint" - Tommy, aged 5

Fluid Cascade 1959
William Gear (1915–1997)
Acrylic & oil on paper
H 104.1 x W 68.6 cm
Jerwood Collection


Study for a Sculpture
© the artist's estate / Bridgeman Images. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003), Study for a Sculpture, 1961

"This work looks like jets flying in the air. You can play jets with your friends. I also like that it's my favourite colour, blue. At the back it looks like smoke is coming out which makes it look like a jet" - James, aged 6

Study for a Sculpture 1961
Lynn Chadwick (1914–2003)
Pencil, pen, black ink & blue-black wash on paper
H 51 x W 39.5 cm
Jerwood Collection


© the artist's estate / Bridgeman Images. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

Tristram Hillier (1905-1983), Mill, 1977

"Mill makes me think 'Let's Play' because it looks like a good place to explore and play keepaway with my friends" - Brian, aged 7

Mill 1957
Tristram Paul Hillier (1905–1983)
Oil on board
H 38 x W 49.5 cm
Jerwood Collection


Internal Sequence I
© the artist. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

HaYoung Kim (b. 1983), Internal Sequence I, 2010

"This makes me think 'Lets Play!' because it is fun, playful and cartoony" - Mary, aged 10

Internal Sequence I 2010
HaYoung Kim (b.1983)
Gouache, acrylic & Conté on paper & oil bar on acetate
H 110 x W 85 cm
Jerwood Collection


© the artist. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

John Robertson (b.1983), Bridge, 2011

"I like this one because it has quite vibrant colour, you can see a lot of stuff in it, it isn't just one thing" - Lewis, aged 10

Bridge 2011
John Robertson (b.1983)
Oil on aluminium
H 143 x W 125 cm
Jerwood Collection


Mayflower, All Flowers
© Yinka Shonibare CBE. All rights reserved, DACS 2023. Image credit: Jerwood Collection

Yinka Shonibare (b.1962), Mayflower, All Flowers, 2020

"Mayflower, All Flowers is quite bright and fun and boats are a lot of fun" - Hector, aged 10

Mayflower, All Flowers 2020
Yinka Shonibare (b.1962)
Relief print with woodblock & fabric collage on Somerset tub sized satin 410gsm paper
H 111.5 x W 103 cm
Jerwood Collection