The Foundling Museum tell the story of the Foundling Hospital, which continues today as the children's charity Coram. It is a story about the children who lived at the Hospital, how they came to be there, how they were looked after, and how the Hospital was established and run. It is also a story of how, from the very beginning, the Hospital was supported by London’s vibrant artistic community.

Art Unlocked is an online talk series by Art UK in collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies. This Curation is based on a talk by Caro Howell, Director of The Foundling Museum, on 11th August 2021. You can find a recording at

6 artworks
Captain Thomas Coram (1668–1751)
Image credit: Coram in the care of the Foundling Museum

Captain Thomas Coram (1668–1751) 1740

William Hogarth (1697–1764)

Oil on canvas

H 238.7 x W 147.3 cm

Foundling Museum

Isabella Duchess of Manchester (1706–1786)
Image credit: Whitfield Fine Art

Isabella Duchess of Manchester (1706–1786) 1738

Andrea Soldi (c.1703–1771)

Oil on canvas

H 127 x W 101 cm

Foundling Museum

Trumpet Boy
© Yinka Shonibare CBE. All rights reserved, DACS 2023. Image credit: Foundling Museum

Trumpet Boy 2010

Yinka Shonibare (b.1962)

Fibreglass, Dutch wax print cotton, leather & steel

Foundling Museum

John Beard
Image credit: Gerald Coke Handel Collection, The Foundling Museum

John Beard 1743 (?)

Thomas Hudson (1701–1779)

Oil on canvas

H 75 x W 63 cm

Foundling Museum

Dame Jacqueline Wilson (b.1945), DBE, FRSL
© the artist. Image credit: Peter Stone / The Foundling Museum

Dame Jacqueline Wilson (b.1945), DBE, FRSL 2018

Saied Dai (b.1958)

Oil on gesso panel

H 125 x W 95 cm

Foundling Museum

Children with Birds & Dogs #3
© Quentin Blake. Image credit: Foundling Museum

Children with Birds & Dogs #3 2019

Quentin Blake (b.1932)

Oil pastel on watercolour paper

H 56.5 x W 43.5 cm

Foundling Museum