George Tinworth was born in Walworth, Surrey [now London], England on 5 November 1843. He was the son of Joshua Tinworth, a wheelwright with whom he was apprenticed. He also attended Lambeth School of Art from c.1861 to c.1864 where he trained as a modeller following which he attended the Royal Academy Schools in London from 1865 to 1867. In 1867 he began working as a modeller with the Royal Doulton Potteries, Lambeth, with whom he remained until his death. Tinworth worked on a large number of ecclesiastical commissions including for the architect George Edmund Street (1824-1881) a large crucifixion panel for the reredos at York Minster (1876) and 28 panels for the Guards’ Chapel, Wellington Barracks in London (1878). Notable among his public statuary was a terracotta statue of Henry Fawcett in Vauxhall Park in London.

Text source: Arts + Architecture Profiles from Art History Research net (AHRnet)

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