Georg (Giorgio) Sommer, primarily a photographer, was born in Frankfurt. He became interested in photography very young, professionally expert in it by early training, and remains best known in that field. Although not personally a sculptor, he also later employed skilled artists and artisans both to remodel and otherwise reproduce classical antiquities, including in bronze, as part of his wide commercial activity. This began after he moved to Rome in 1856 and then to Naples in 1857, where (according to an advert of 1893) he set up his photography business taking and selling ‘Views, Architectures, Sculptures, Paintings, etc. of the most important Places and Galleries in Italy, Sicily, Tunis, Malta, and Switzerland’. For some years from 1861 he was in partnership with another German, Edmund (Edmondo) Behles (1841–1921), based in Rome and doing similar work, and in 1865 both men were awarded a gold medal by King Vittorio Emmanuele II.

Text source: Art Detective

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