Pinel was born on 9th June 1820 in Chauny, Aisne (north-east of Paris), the son of Jean Félix Pinel and Adélaïde Dupressoir. According to Bénézit, he was a student of Charles-Théodore Sauvageot (1826–1883) and of ‘Roulet’, presumably (Marie Anatole) Gaston Roullet (1847–1925). He was a painter of landscapes, city views and harbour scenes, based in Paris, where on 19th June 1849, he married Jean [sic] Petit, apparently in the church of the Madeleine or at least in its parish. He was then living at 400 Rue Saint Honoré and had equally fashionable Paris addresses in later life. Together with the fact that he was older than his teachers – and far more so than Roullet, who could only have taught him in the 1870s – this perhaps suggests that Pinel turned to art relatively late, when already financially secure, rather than making it his livelihood.

Text source: Art Detective

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