(b Florence, 2 Jan. 1462; d Florence, 12 Apr. 1522). Florentine painter, a pupil of Cosimo Rosselli, whose Christian name he adopted as a patronym. There are no signed, documented, or dated works by him, and reconstruction of his oeuvre depends on the account given in Vasari's Lives. It is one of Vasari's most entertaining biographies, for he portrays Piero as a highly eccentric character—a self-absorbed loner who lived on hard-boiled eggs, cooking them 50 at a time while he was boiling glue, to economize on fuel. The paintings for which he is best known are appropriately idiosyncratic—fanciful mythological inventions, inhabited by fauns, centaurs, and primitive men. There is sometimes a spirit of low comedy about these delightful works, but in the so-called Death of Procris (c.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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