(b Aschaffenburg, 6 May 1880; d Frauenkirch, Switzerland, 15 June 1938). German Expressionist painter, printmaker, and sculptor, the dominant figure in the Brücke group. Like the other members of the group, he was influenced by Post-Impressionism, particularly Gauguin and van Gogh, by Fauvism, and by Munch. He also claimed that he was the first of the group to appreciate Polynesian and other primitive art (which he saw in the Zwinger Museum in Dresden), but this had little obvious effect on his work. His paintings consisted mainly of figure compositions, including portraits and nudes (he often spent the summer months in seclusion in the country or on the coast, where he could draw and paint nude models in natural movement). There is often an explicit erotic quality in his work and sometimes a feeling of malevolence.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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