Marcel Kammerer was born in Vienna, Austria on 4 November 1878. From 1898 to 1902 he studied architecture at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna where he was awarded a travel scholarship enabling him to undertake a study trip to Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, England and the Netherlands. After graduating he worked as chief draughtsman in the office of Otto Wagner (1841-1918) in Vienna from 1902 to 1910. In addition to work on architectural projects, Kammerer designed much of the furniture for the Österreichische Postsparkasse (Austrain postal savings bank) building designed by Wagner and built in 1904-06. From 1911 to 1918 Kammerer was in partnership with the architects Otto Schönthal (1878-1961) and Emil Hoppe (1878-1972), who had also trained with Otto Wagner.

Text source: Arts + Architecture Profiles from Art History Research net (AHRnet)

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