(Born Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, 22 June 1876; died Dieppe, 18 September 1939). British painter. She was the sister of Augustus John, but his complete opposite artistically, as she was in personality, living a reclusive life and favouring introspective subjects. After studying at the Slade School, 1895–8, she had lessons in Paris from Whistler, and adopted from him the delicate greyish tonality that characterizes much of her work. In 1899 she returned to London, but in 1904 she settled permanently in France, living first in Paris (earning her living modelling for other artists—including Rodin, who became her lover), then from 1911 in Meudon, on the outskirts of the city. In 1913 she became a Catholic, and she said ‘My religion and my art, these are my life.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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