A skilled and prolific Italian sculptor of decorative female figures and heads in marble, alabaster and ivory. He was born in Florence and began his training at the Academy there under Auguste Rivalta, continuing in Paris as a pupil of Victorien-Antoine Bastet after moving there by about 1900. He first exhibited at the Salon in 1902 and subsequent appearances have been noted in 1904, 1905 (from 3 Rue Bourg-l’Abbé), 1912 (51, Avenue de la République), 1914 and 1923. Gori’s early work was in decorative neo-classical Italian manner, notably small-scale nudes, of which he made large numbers and often close replicas. He later turned to Art Nouveau, in which he produced more life-size idealised female busts, with the marble or alabaster heads often dramatically set in or overlaid with bronze for the drapery and head-dresses. He died in Paris in 1925.

Text source: Art Detective

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