(d? Antwerp, before May 1579). Netherlandish painter, jeweller, and goldsmith active mainly in England, though he also spent time in Antwerp, Calais, and Portugal. He is first documented in Antwerp in 1540. He joined the Painters Guild that same year and had travelled to London, perhaps due to religious persecution, by 1550. About 50 monogrammed paintings and drawings from 1549 to 1573 are known, with another 20 or so that are potentially by his hand or workshop. He worked mainly in portraits, though allegorical and classical works also survive. In the early 1570s he also worked for the Office of Revels in London, where he is known to have painted for pageants and masques. He worked at all scales, from the life-size posthumous portrait of King Henry VIII (c.1567, Trinity College, Cambridge) to the stunning miniature of Queen Mary I (c.1554, Buccleuch Collections).

Text source: Hope Walker, www.hanseworth.com

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