This amateur female sculptor was the seventh and youngest child, and fifth daughter, of Joseph Andrew de Lautour (1785–1845), and his wife Caroline Young (c.1793–1869), a granddaughter of the 5th Lord Elibank. Joseph Andrew was born in Madras. His father, Louis-François Joseph de Lautour (1730–1808) had come to England from France at some early point and then went to Madras where he made a fortune as a banker and merchant. The family probably returned to England after 1793, since Louis-François – who in England appears to have been known as Francis – was reportedly prevented by the Napoleonic Wars from then going back to France but sent financial help to relations there. Joseph Andrew was the eldest son of three, with four sisters, and it is clear that the wealth of their father established his children in English society: the sons gained army commissions or entered the East India Civil Service, the daughters made advantageous marriages, including into titled families.

Text source: Art Detective

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