(b Florence, c.1432; d Rome, ?4 Feb. 1498) and Piero (b Florence, c.1441; d Rome, c.1496). Florentine artists, brothers, who jointly ran a flourishing workshop, first in their native city and then from about 1484 in Rome. Their surname means ‘poulterer’, evidently a reference to their father's profession. Both of them are recorded as being painters and sculptors and there are considerable problems in attempting to disentangle their individual contributions to their output. However, Antonio was evidently the dominant figure and primarily a goldsmith and worker in bronze, whilst Piero was mainly a painter. Several documented paintings by Piero are known, all of fairly undistinguished quality, but none by Antonio, and as certain pictures from the studio of the two brothers are so much better than Piero's independent works, it is generally assumed that Antonio had a major involvement in them.

Text source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)

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