Sculptor, painter and teacher, born and lived in London. From 1947–56 he was educated in England, Australia and Southern Rhodesia, then after two years in the Royal Air Force he was from 1958–61 at St Martin’s School of Art. He was to have studied painting, but found sculpture more exciting. For a time Annesley was Anthony Caro’s assistant. Spent six months in Majorca in 1962, then in 1963 began teaching at Central School of Art and Croydon College of Art, from 1964 at St Martin’s. An important influence on Annesley was the American painter Kenneth Noland, with whom he stayed in 1966. Annesley’s sculpture, which could be brightly painted, was abstract, light and lyrical in feeling. In 1969 Annesley resumed painting. Showed with LG from 1989 and RA Summer Exhibition from 1991.

Text source: 'Artists in Britain Since 1945' by David Buckman (Art Dictionaries Ltd, part of Sansom & Company)

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