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The following example illustrates best practice for crediting a reused image: for non-commercial research or private study purposes, and other UK exceptions to copyright, or under the permitted terms of a Creative Commons (CC) licence.

You can find out more about what research or private study purposes covers on the Copyright User website.

If you reuse an image, it is your responsibility to make sure that a copyright exception applies (such as fair-dealing criticism and review, quotation, or reporting a current event), or that your type of use is covered by the terms of an available CC licence.

The credit examples below illustrate best practise for how to attribute a CC image. If you are reusing an image under a fair-dealing copyright exception instead, then you would omit the CC licence reference at the end of the credit.


Endangered Species II by Fanny Lam Christie (b.1952), photo credit: Perth & Kinross Council, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Please link back to the Art UK artwork page wherever possible. In this example, the title of the work has been made into a hyperlink.

If you have limited space for a credit line, an abbreviated version of the credit line could be used:

Endangered Species II by Fanny Lam Christie, photo credit: Perth & Kinross Council, CC BY-NC-ND

If an image is freely available with a Public Domain mark or with a CC0 licence, please still acknowledge the owning collection with a photo credit — this helps spread the word about their resources.