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How is queer culture represented in oil paintings? How can you compare Beyoncé to paintings of the Virgin Mary? Is women’s art the most accessible it’s ever been?

Art Matters is the podcast that explores these ideas, finding the places where art history meets pop culture. It is hosted by Ferren Gipson.

Episode 1Queer Culture and Art History, featuring Dr Justin Bengry

Episode 2: Celebrity Culture and Art History, featuring Tabloid Art History

Episode 3: Women Artists in the Digital Age, featuring Katy Hessel

Episode 4: Art and Tattoos, featuring Dr Matt Lodder

Episode 5: Art References in Recent Hip Hop, featuring Dr James Peterson

Episode 6: Synaesthesia in Art, featuring James Wannerton

Episode 7: Hair Trends Throughout Art History, featuring Rachael Gibson

Episode 8: What to know for the Met Gala 2018 theme of Heavenly Bodies, featuring Tabloid Art History

Episode 9: Artists' Love for the Colouriest Colours, featuring Stuart Semple

Episode 10: Decoding Fashion in Paintings, featuring Amber Butchart

Episode 11: When Artists Make Cookbooks, featuring Cedar Lewisohn

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