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Despite a well-documented history dating back to 1845, when it was established as the first agricultural college in the English-speaking world, surprisingly little is known about the Royal Agricultural College's collection of paintings. Scattered as they are throughout the College, they have rarely been thought of as a 'Collection', and the older works, in particular, have little or no documented provenance. Nevertheless, the College's contribution to the PCF project has made us more appreciative of the artistic worth of our Collection, and for that we are grateful. The subject matter of the paintings ranges from portraits of former College principals and lecturers, to rural landscapes both large and small. Of particular note is the fine portrait of the eminent chemist, John Christopher Augustus Voelcker, and a delightfully golder and bucolic 'Landscape with Harvesters', both by unknown artists. Equally delightful, though a less obvious subject for an agricultural college, is the charming (possible copy) of a self portrait by/after Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun.