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Edward Adamson was a pioneer art therapist and one of the founder members of the British Association of Art Therapists. He helped establish the first training course for art therapists in the UK and was the first Chairman of BAAT. His collection, which has received wide media coverage and exhibition, is comprised of over 5,000 paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics produced by patients who worked with him from 1946 to the mid-1990s. Works by patients have not been included in the PCF cataloguing project. Permitting their work to be exhibited in the on-site gallery, most of the imagery was created within the five studios Edward established at Netherne Psychiatric Hospital, Surrey; the remainder being produced from his private practice after his retirement from Netherne in 1981. After Edward's death in 1996, Alice Jackson (Art Therapist and Curator of the collection from 1997) brought the collection to Lambeth Hospital where it is currently displayed in a small gallery and on numerous corridor walls across South London and Maudsley NHS, Lambeth.

The Adamson Collection is an Art UK Partner