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Moray Museums Service’s principal collection is that of about 800 watercolours by marine artist Peter F. Anson (1889–1975), whose archive is also within the care of the service. The collection of works in oil has primarily been by default, the core being official portraits from the civic artefacts collections, transfers from civic offices and homes taken over by the council for community care purposes, typified by works from Linn Home. There are also a number of Scottish and German landscapes and animal scenes. Following the distribution of the Scottish Arts Council’s collections in 2003, Moray Museums Service acquired two oils by Elgin born artist Neil Dallas Brown, (‘Climactical Arrangement’ and ‘Fallen Man’) and other oils by Jack Firth (‘White Houses at Pennan’), Earl Haig (‘Landscape with Trees’), and David Michie (‘Xmas Tree Large Ball’) as well as prints by Iain Hamilton Finlay, wall hangings and some sculptures.