Art UK is the successor to Your Paintings. It is a joint initiative between the Public Catalogue Foundation (now known as Art UK), 3,000 museums and other art collections, and the BBC.

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Art UK Founder Partners and Art UK Partners are the core body of UK art collections, without whose commitment, Art UK would not be possible. They are key stakeholders in this initiative.

These collections support Art UK financially by paying an annual subscription. In return for their support they can show their exhibitions on the site and will soon be able to benefit from commercial opportunities and add additional artworks. For the full range of benefits, please click the link to the accompanying brochure.

Art UK Founder Partners committed their support to Art UK early in 2015, when the project was in development. Our Founder Partners were the first 200 collections to join Art UK. These collections have had involvement in the development of Art UK. We are grateful for their support and valuable feedback.

We welcome collections that would like to join Art UK as Partners. If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Camilla Stewart, Commercial Partnerships Manager ([email protected]).